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APM 111 Mechanical F.F.S. Machine Piston Filler


Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine for Free Flowing Liquid and Semi Liquid to Pack Products Like Shampoo, Honey, Coconut Oil, Tomato Puree, Oil, Grease, Paste and any other Free Flowing Materials in Piston Filler

Technical Specifications

Packing Range :
1. (2ml to 20ml) 2. (20ml to 50ml) 3. (50ml to 100ml)
Filling System :
Volumetric Piston Filing
Filling Accuracy :
+/- 0.1 %
Sealing Type :
Center Seal / 4 Side Seal, 3 Side Seal
Filling Range :
Up to 100ml
Packing Material :
Liquid & Semi Liquid
Speed Capacity :
35 to 50 Pouch per minute
Machine Size :
780 x 650 x 1950mm (LxWxH)
Contact Part :
Power :
2kw Single Phase
Optional :
Batch Coding Device
Machine Weight :
430kg (Approx)

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